Sonntag, August 12, 2007

Ordinary Summertime

As probably those longhaired silent film fans around the ordinary world (those who usually are interested in this German count's comments on silents and other aristocratic subjects), have noticed that during the last weeks no silent films have been shown at the Schloss theatre. The reason for this terrible fact is another and even more terrible one: this Herr Graf is enjoying the decadent and leisure time so characteristic of the aristocratic people in the summertime; that is to say, sleeping at the Bayreuth Opera festival, drinking non-stop cocktails and flirting with fat Teutonic heiresses, and everything at the same time in the same place...

It will be in September when this Herr Graf comments will appear again in his modern diary but don't take this definitely because, as probably by now you already know, a German aristocrat likes to confound the ordinary people.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien