Freitag, August 09, 2013


"Summertime, and the livin' is easy for this German count,
The Sturgeons are jumpin' and the caviar's so fine.
Oh, your daddy's rich and your mama's good lookin'
So hush, hush little baby; don't complain of such a good life.

One of these mornings you're gonna rise up angry,
And takin' your whip you'll hit all your servants,
So till that morning comes, there's nothin' can harm you
With your watchman, your watchman Herr Graf standin by”.

It's time to close the Schloss as the aristocratic summer holiday has begun!.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien


Anonym hat gesagt…

Pois que pase unhas boas vacacións, señor conde!

Ferdinand Von Galitzien hat gesagt…

Grazas, meu caro amigo silente!.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien

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jonny cruise hat gesagt…
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Caroline Zoey hat gesagt…


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Anonym hat gesagt…

Muchas gracias por este Blog increible en el que tanto aprendo del cine "silencioso" por sus estupendos comentarios.
Vuelva cuando quiera, o cuando pueda, pero vuelva.

Un saludo de Dmtr.

Anonym hat gesagt…

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