Montag, Oktober 08, 2007

Aristocratic Réentration

In attention to Dame Frederica and all those Americans who are not bilingual (it is strange… don't you have and use two eyes, two ears so why not two tongues, then??... ) this German Count gladly offers you an English version of his first post after the terrible summertime season and to avoid misunderstandings as happened with the illustrious President of Daughters Of Naldi, who thought that this German aristocrat was talking (in his first autumn post) about cruciform vegetables. This is absolute nonsense because is well known that the German aristocracy prefers choucrutte before greenness, not to mention that in Transylvania the Romanian aristocracy are allergic to that ordinary food with such a strange shape…

Ah, mein liebers!... how many time has passed since the last aristocrat communiqué!... an unforgivable delay that was due to the tightly packed ( as a teutonic heiress' girdle ) Herr Von’s agenda. The summer full of insignificant ceremonies that prolonged the ordinary summer season until the coming of the cold and cosy autumn, that beautiful season of returns and reunions with varied “affaires”, among them the glorious Schloss silent shows, those archaeological performances that this German count will resume pretty soon for your pleasure or your pain.

And in order to begin this new autumn-winter silent season, this Herr Graf suggests to you an interesting silent DVD sporting modern and almond-shaped eyes, because in far away Japan, a longhaired enterprise by the hieroglyphic name of “Digital Meme”, has edited two discs that included youthful works of filmmakers as important as Herr Mizoguchi,. The restoration is accompanied by the comments ( or not ) of Herr Benshi, that nice narrator who likes so much to bother the audience with his incomprehensible comments that the West audience can’t understand without a knowledge of exotic languages.

So, waste your scarce wages, (now that you have also had resume your frantic and wretched work life) buying those Eastern silent editions, here for our pleasure thanks to capitalism. Herr Graf will take advantage of this proletarian solidarity, as a teutonic vulture by replacing his blurry copies of those films for this new bright and immaculate longhaired silent edition.

And now, if you'll allow me, I must temporarily take my leave because this German Count must reopen and tidy up the decadent Schloss theatre.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien

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sir michael cat hat gesagt…

In USA, Spanish as a second language would be a good choice. But if I lived in Canada, I would choose French as a second language.If I lived in South Africa my second language would NOT be spanish or french but an African language.