Dienstag, Juni 08, 2010

75 Early U.S. Films Unearthed In New Zealand

A cache of 75 long-lost silent films uncovered in the New Zealand Film Archive vault, including Herr John Ford's "Upstream" (1927) is being sent back to Amerika to be restored.

Well, it wouldn't have been necessary going to New Zealand in order to find those long lost silent films; you would have saved a lot of money if instead of traveling to those far away lands, had just paid this Herr Graf's enslaved servants the extra costs involved in a deep and thorough cleaning of the Schloss humid cellar. There lies storage piles of old nitrates since the last century and in there you can find anything that you can imagine. However, due to this Herr Graf's greed it seems that a lot of time will pass until these have surfaced from darkness...

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien

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