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About Mauritz Stiller's "Gösta Berlings Saga" (1924)

Silent Guest Star: Herr Eric Stott

Herr Eric Stott wrote: "I beg to differ, but Stroheim directed a talkie- "Walking Down Broadway". It wasn't released as he shot it, but some of the footage is is the recut version "Hello Sister" And weren't there some talking sequences in Murnau's "City Girl"?".

Und Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien answered: "Well, this German Count was thinking about those great silent film directors as responsible of the final result of their oeuvres.

In Herr Murnau case, Fox respected the ultimate and silent editing of "Our Daily Bread", but ordered that their employees should film again new talk sequences besides re edit the film, this time with the title of "City Girl"; fortunately for the silent film fans, that talkie version has disappeared forever and fortunately too the original and final silent "version" of Murnau's "Our Daily Bread" ( instead now with the confusing title of "City Girl" ) it is the film that has survived till today because William Fox didn't touched and interfered with his Amerikan hands the Murnau's silent editing of "Our Daily Bread" because he has other terrible ideas about those last films of the German director, namely re edit and release talkie versions of "Four Devils" and "Our Daily Bread-City Girl" as finally did.

How disrespectful were the longhaired, even in those times, to the German artists!".

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