Dienstag, Februar 13, 2007

Blogging Silent film

"Remembering the interesting discussion on here about keeping the flame of interest up for silent films (and indeed all early film), I took a moment today to reflect on the new blogs which have been active over recent years. Surely this is such a versatile complement to this newsgroup. Whilst many many subscribe here and we all talk to the converted, there is a huge audience out there who aren't getting information and interest in these great movies via the usual channels. When you look at these:


You can only marvel in wonder at what a positive and encouraging interest these must provide to the outside world. From all accounts and experience of my own blog, the outside world is fascinated by the unusual and likes media history. These may not have the ratings of the latest pop blogs or news, but that is understandable, but they do speak the language of the moment, are colorful, fun to read and written by people who know and love their subject. You can glide along just via the enthusiasm. It is something of a wonder we can do this and I'm sure that such blogging opens up a tiny, but cogent punch through the mass of mindless daily life chat we so often see on the internet".

Written by Herr Andy in "alt.movies.silent".

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