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Silent Films Illustrated With Commentaries By:

About John Emerson's "The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish" (1916)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr R. H. Draney und Harlett O'Dowd

Herr R. H. Draney wrote: "I've tried without success to get women to wear outfits with the words "Fish Blower" emblazoned across the back...I think it could be a trend if we could just get it started....r".

Und Harlett O'Dowd added: "you realize that's an oxymoron in some circles...".

Finally Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien declared: "Don't mention that Herr Ennyday divides his own and particular time in strange periods as "Sleep", "Eat", "Dope" und "Drink", strange customs those that have nothing in common with the aristocracy time periods, that is to say: "Cocktaling", "Pre-soirée", "Soirée" und "Post-soirée".

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