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About J. Searle Dawley's "Snow White" (1916)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr Kino Eye, Herr Tom, Herr Tinted Nitrate, Herr Darren und Herr Tmk1

Herr Kino Eye wrote: "Snow White is also incredibly important because it was seen by a young Walt Disney in Kansas City; he was spellbound by the movie, and it helped convince him that his future was in film.
So without Snow White, we very possibly would not have had "Disney," and all the bad and good that brings with it."

Und Herr Tom asked: "When was the film found? I could have sworn a clip of that or some other silent Snow White film was used in a video doc about Disney."

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien replied: "Unfortunately Herr Disney didn't take that silent film as an example because in his Snow White version, that pure and chaste girl don't hesitate to sing those "Disneyian" songs at any chance...
"Snow White" was found at least 10 years ago because that film was among the offerings of the 14th Pordenone Silent Film Festival."

Herr Tinted Nitrate said: "I remember seeing it at Pordenone in 1998, and that Creighton Hale played the Prince."

Und Herr Darren wanted to know: "Where abouts would one find a DVD of this film?".

Fortunately Herr Tmk1 replied: "I taped it off of TCM a couple of years ago. And, coincidentally, just watched it a couple of days ago! It's on Treasuries From American Film Archives."

And finally, Herr Darren confessed: "Thanks for the information.
Treasures From American Film Archives.
Now I know what to ask for for X-Mas.".

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