Montag, November 06, 2006

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About Rowland V. Lee's "Doomsday" (1928)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr Dr. Giraud und Herr J. Mozart

Herr Dr. Giraud wrote: "This sounds good. Rowland V. Lee is another unknown, underrated director. BARBED WIRE and I AM SUZANNE! are also excellent, full of nuances and character insights. (And sidelong glances. . . .)"

Und Herr J. Mozart added: "Yes, this film is terrific. Florence Vidor is one of my top favorite actresses of the silent era and this ranks as one of her finest performances. Has anyone here seen her 1923 version of Alice Adams? According to a list of her existing films that was given to me, this one exists at the BFI."

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