Mittwoch, Januar 10, 2007

Californian Weather

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien said about James W. Horne's "Big Business" (1929): "There is no chance of Christmas spirit in California... it is a terrible fact to have such a strange employ in that place. It is not a big business at all, certainly with all of the heat [...]"

Und Herr George Shelps replied: "Obviously, you've never been to Southern California around Christmas. I don't live there, but through circumstance, spent 9 Chistmases here and the weather during the winter night is indeed cold enough to give it the feel of the season.
Christmas tree sellers abound."

Herr Lloyd Fonvielle added: "It should not escape notice that the landscape and climate of Southern California closely resemble those of the place where the first Christmas was celebrated".

At the hearing of such weather revelation, Herr Feuillade exclaimed: "GASP!!!!!!!!".

And Herr James Root added: "The North Pole?".

Not to mention that Herr Bpnjensen said: "No wonder I couldn't find Bethlehem on a map!"

About this Herr Eric Stott wrote: "It's not far from Easton, and about seven miles from Allentown".

Suddenly Herr Bpnjensen confessed: "Closer than that. Allentown and Bethlehem are "sister" cities sharing a border, which is the border between PA's Lehigh and Northamptom Counties".

And Herr Bob Lipton added: "As a graduate of Lafayette, it's a damnable conspiracy".

At this time, Herr Eric Stott revealed: "Allentown is responsible for my very existance: Dad went to Muhlenburg, Mom is a Cedar Crest Girl".

Und Herr George Shelps said: "Southern Califormia is climatically similar to Israel".

Forgetting the thrilling Californian weather just for a moment, Herr Bpnjensen wrote: "Two quick comments, from a person who grew up in chilly New England and now lives on the shores of San Francisco Bay...
1 - There are so many different religious and cultural groups in California *these* days that it is sometimes hard to find Christmas among all of the seasonal "noise," and
2 - For all of its excellence, BIG BUSINESS is not a sure success. My in-laws watched it with us on Thanksgiving (late-November for you folks from other lands), and while my son and I howled at the silliness (for the umpteenth time), the rest of the family watched in almost blank stares (my niece giggled a couple of times). It isn't that they haven't seen silents or L&H before, because they have - I'm not sure what the problem was. Maybe they had eaten too much...
...and make no can, and does, get chilly here too...sometimes in the middle of summer!".

And last but not least, Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien wrote: "MEIN GOTT!!!... Anyway,,, even for this German Count it is good to hear and to know that finally Christmas trees sellers is not a defunct job in East, North and not to mention Southern California...".

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