Mittwoch, Januar 17, 2007

Chaplin Und Limburger Cheese

After this German Count was talking about Herr Charlie Chaplin's "Shoulder Arms" (1918), Herr David Totheroh wrote: "And here I was picturing Limburger sandwiches instead of smoked salmon ditches (whatever they are)".

And then Herr Smiley wrote: " hope you realise that Limburg is in The Netherlands, not Germany...".

But then Herr David Totheroh justified: "Tell it to Loyal Underwood, not me!;
(according to my online dictionary: Limburger ˈlimˌbərgər noun a soft white cheese with a characteristic strong smell, originally made in Limburg, a former duchy of Lorraine.)".

Published in "alt.movies.silent".

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