Mittwoch, Januar 24, 2007

Silent Films Illustrated With Commentaries By:

About Mario Peixoto's "Límite" (1931)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr MikeGebert und Herr Milestone

Herr MikeGebert wrote: "I was always fascinated by this film after reading its entry in Sadoul's Dictionary of Films and knowing that the director had sat on it in recent years until it was rediscovered a few years back. I hoped it might come my way...
And so it did. It played the Chicago Latino Film Festival while I was out of town a few years back.
Glad YOU got to see it although I think Dennis Doros, for one, posted rather glumly about it once".

Und Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien replied: "It is a perfectly well-known fact that longhaired youngsters never are where they should...
"Límite" was shown in the Schloss theatre thanks to, what it seems to be, a restored and superb Brazilian print ( includes information and Portuguese intertitles )..., aristocratic privileges as the saying goes...".

Suddenly Herr Milestone ( Dennis Doros ) added: "Hmmm. I'd have to see that post. I've always considered distributing it, but would only be glum about its commercial potential".

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