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"Prem Sanyas" (1925) By Franz Osten

People, even aristocrats (yes, we are almost people though more elegant and distinguished), always have had a special interest in discovering different cultures. They delight in being astonished by singular customs, strange habits and alluring scenery. “Prem Sanyas” delivers all this and will enlighten the most curious of the long haired people as it is an exotic film with curious origins ( a German-Indian film production ) . It narrates the story of Buddha ( a kind of Luther for the people of that part of the world ) and his childhood and youth at the palace of his father where the young man is kept secluded in a kind of golden prison, carefully shielded against such sorrows of the world as poverty, illness and all those other terrible things that this German Count knows thanks to some interesting articles read in “The Aristocratic Und Teutonic Encyclopaedia About The World Outside The Schlöss”.

The film, in addition to depicting Buddha's life, also functions as a kind of documentary about those exotic habits and customs of Indian tradition. It is a very beautiful film with plenty of dazzling, splendorous images filmed in incredible settings and with superb cinematography, bewitching the audience from the very start of the film.

It may be a German film co-production, but the actors are all Indian. There is respect and admiration for this culture so different from the West. The director avoids typical Western manipulation and its tendency to be merely picturesque and that’s the most important achievement of this film.

And now, if you'll allow me, I must temporarily take my leave because this German Count must return back to Deutschland from India but this time this aristocrat won't travel by elegant carriage but by elephant.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien


La gente, incluso los aristócratas ( sí, los aristócratas somos casi también gente, auque eso sí, mucho más elegante y distinguida ), siempre han demostrado tener un cierto interés por descubrir diferentes culturas. Gustan ser sorprendidos éstos por costumbres singulares, hábitos extraños y fascinantes paisajes. "Prem Sanyas" ofrece todo eso e ilustrará al más curioso melenudo por ser un filme ciertamente exótico y de origenes curiosos ( se trata de una coproducción germano-hindú ) en la cual se nos cuenta la vida de Buda ( una especie de Lutero para la gente de esa parte del mundo ) durante su infancia y juventud en el palacio de su padre, en donde el joven es recluído en una especie de prisión dorada para mantenerlo alejado de las desgracias del mundo, tales como la pobreza, enfermedad y todos esos terribles males que este Conde germánico conoce gracias a los interesante artículos leídos en la "Enciclopedia Germánica Y Teutónica Sobre El Mundo Más Allá Del Schlöss".

El filme, además de reflejar la vida de Buda, es también una especie de documental acerca de las diferentes costumbres y tradiciones de la sociedad hindú. Es un filme realmente bello repleto de deslumbrantes y maravillosas imagines filmadas en increíbles escenarios con una excelente fotografía, fascinando al espectador nada más comenzar el filme.
Aunque se trata de una coproducción alemana, todos los actores son hindúes y hay mucho respeto y admiración en el filme por esta cultura tan diferente de la occidental. El director evita las típicas manipulaciones occidentales que se producen con estos filmes con tenencia a ser simples retratos tipistas y ese es el logro más importante de ésta obra.

Y ahora si me lo permiten les tengo que dejar momentáneamente, pues este Conde germánico tiene que volver a Deutschland desde la India pues ésta vez éste aristócrata teutón no viajará en una elegante carroza sino en elefante.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galtizien


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Aristocratic Sir,

I have looked high and low for a copy of this film. Perhaps not high enough, which is why I come to someone as eminent as yourself. Do you know where I might be able to procure a copy of this film?


Ferdinand Von Galitzien hat gesagt…

Dear JB:

In the Schloss silent archives there is an excellent copy of "PREM SANYAS" with English and French intertitles so it will be a pleasure for this German Count to share with you such great film that you'll enjoy very much, so write a modern e-mail to the Schloss as soon as you can.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello again, kind sir. Having searched the pages here of your online journal, I find no reference to an email designation. So, taking a hint from your communique, I sent a message to "Schloss" at the email service provided by the host of this blog, a certain G mail, but alas no reply has been forthcoming. Have I perhaps made an incorrect inference and now an unfortunate Schloss is somewhere reading a message intended for your aristocratic eyes only?

In order to prevent further embarrassment to myself, I include here my contact designation. Perhaps you can address me via fukuokajeff at the aforementioned G mail. Thank you, sir.

Yours humbly,