Montag, Dezember 04, 2006

Silent Films Illustrated With Commentaries By:

About Louis J. Gasnier's "Parisian Love" (1925)

Silent Guest Star: Herr Eric Stott

Herr Eric Stott wrote: "Gasnier is one of the mysteries of Hollywood. He was seldom more than medeocre, but he was constantly employed. According to Budd Schulberg (a colorful but unreliable source) Gasnier's first american film was an artistic triumph- and apparantly a fluke, because Gasnier never duplicated it. He's best remembered for directing "REEFER MADNESS"".

Und Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien replied: "These comments about Gasnier mediocrity are very enlightened for this German Count because you should know that mediocrity it wasn't an unique characteristic of Gasnier films but also an aristocratic peculiarity...".

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