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About Arnold Fanck's "Der Heilige Berg" (1926)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr Eric "Scheirer" Stott, Dame Daniela C. und Herr Dalandt

Herr Eric "Scheirer" Stott confessed: "Sounds like he wanted beautiful shots of mountains, alternating with actors so dull that the audience just couldn't wait to see more mountains.
Myself, I'd rather stay down drinking beer in a comfortable hotel, and perhaps doing a bit of dancing myself."

And Dame Daniela C. added: "I tried to watch this movie a few weeks ago on Arte, the European channel for culture. It was late at night and Leni Riefenstahl was enjoying herself with some goats- Ah they were so lovely- but I couldn't manage to keep myself interested.The moutain scenes were magnificent though especially the water running downhill and though it was black and white photography the water seemed like gold-great! Alas the story was so dull and I was tired so I switched off."

Finally Herr Dalandt wrote: "It's great when you see it on the big screen. But Leni Riefenstahl was not a great actress and her autobiography is full of lies."

And last but not least, Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien said: "Herr Stott is drinking beer, Dame Daniela is very tired and Herr Werner doesn't like the sci-fi reading... in spite that these longhaired enjoyed the Fanck mountains scenes or even some goats that appeared in the film, obviously it seems that nobody take Dame Riefenstahl seriously...".

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