Freitag, Dezember 30, 2005

New Aristocratic Year

This German Count raises one eyebrow to signal his consent and approval to those long-haired youngsters who have visited, read or even commented on the silent films exposed on the German aristocrat's modern diary during the last three months, hoping that they continue doing so during the coming year.
In the same way this German Count wants to express best wishes (to wit, that the Revolution will inexorably continue to be postponed and that the aristocracy will continue to increase their wealth thanks to the sweat of your brow) for the New Year.

And now, if you'll allow me, I must temporarily take my leave because this German Count must attend an exciting New Year's Eve soiree in which he will dance non-stop waltzes with fat German millionairesses.

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien


Anonym hat gesagt…

My dear count,

It is a subject for admiration thou fluency in other languages. It really surprises me how many qualities thy have.

As always, please receive my humble salute.

Yours faithfully


Ferdinand Von Galitzien hat gesagt…

In the light of what has happened so far, your long-haired and Australian reply, your Herr Graf have decided that you are allowed to enter the "Schlöss"... by the tradesmen's entrance, natürlich!.