Montag, Juni 12, 2006

Silent Films Illustrated With Commentaries By:

About Alcides Greca's "El Último Malón"

Silent Guest Star: Herr StormChaser

Herr StormChaser wrote: "Films from down Argentine way (and other areas of Central and South America) were rarely seen by North American moviegoers. Perhaps movies such as this one, if more widely distributed, would have balanced the crude stereotypes presented in movies such as WHY WORRY (1923) and movies stars such as Rudolph Valentino presented as "Latin" lovers."

And Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien added: " This German Count doubt about the fact that if those ( or any ) silent films from "exotic" nationalities they were widely distributed would balanced the crude stereotypes in movies...unfortunately talking about stereotypes in Arts ( cinema, music or literature ) a simple fact or local color and traditionalism are enough to create a picture that can last per years or centuries among the ordinary people or even the aristocrats.
Without a shadow of a doubt if those silent films from outside Germany or even Amerika were widely and better distributed the audience of those countries the most important thing it would be that at least those people would have a different idea or opinion to contrast with those simpliest stereotypes, and then decides if they were right or wrong, besides to have the chance to watch silent films from different cultures, beyond all doubt, a very important fact this last one ( ah, the German aristocrat's doubts, then too there is no doubt that they even exists... )."

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