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About Max Linder's "The Three Must-Get-Theres" (1922)

Silent Guest Stars: Dame Frederica, Herr Mikegebert, Herr Dmkb, Herr Bruce Calvert, Herr Tinted Nitrate, Herr Gunnar Hede, Herr Kimba W. Lion und Herr Allan Rogg

Dame Frederica asked: "I need to see this film. Where can I find it?"

Und Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien replied: "This German Count could grant you an audience to discuss such delicate and important thing but only if go to the Schlöss wearing an evening dress together you most gorgeous boa, not to mention that you must know how to perform accurately in front of this aristocrat the most complicated and Teutonic acrobatic curtsies."

Dame Frederica answered: "No problem."

Herr Bruce Calbert wrote: "It's not available on DVD. It used to be available on laserdisc from Image on the POP GOES THE CORK Max Linder laserdisc"

Herr Tinted Nitrate added: "Grapevine sold a VHS of this."

Herr Gunnar Hede said: "... and it has been aired at the arte themenabend on linder back in 2000"

Not to mention Herr Kimba W. Lion who added: "The LD was titled POP GOES THE COMIC."

And suddenly Herr Allan Rogg said: "Damen is plural and there is no umlaut in Schloss. Who does this character think he's fooling with his claim of German aristocracy?"

Herr Mikegebert replied: "My God! (Or, Mein Gott!) And here I was completely fooled, rather than thinking it was an attempt to be amusing (which of course couldn't compare to Dave Kehr is a pussyboy whiner for delicacy of wit)."

Fortunately Dame Frederica swears: "You suspect a Blot on the Teutonic Escutcheon? HOW DARE YOU, SIR??? The Count is every bit as German as I am a Vamp."

And Herr Dmkb afirms: "exactly"

Finally Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien stated: " With such evident, genuine Vamp and German bits, not to mention Herr Dmkb support, you tore Herr Rogg argument to bits."

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