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Silent Films Illustrated With Commentaries By:

About Walt Disney's "Alice Comedies" (1923-1927)

Silent Guest Stars: Herr HelpMeCode, Herr Jason Liller Und Herr StormChaser

Herr HelpMeCode wrote: "Alice's Wonderland (1923) Alice's Wild West Show; Alice Gets in Dutch (1924) Alice's Egg Plant; Alice in the Jungle (1925) Alice's Mysterious Mystery (1926) Alice the Whaler (1927).
These are available in the Disney Rarities (2005) collection, part of the Walt Disney Treasures that are released every December (except the one year they screwed up) since 2001. Also contains a Leonard Maltin interview with Virginia Davis."

Und Herr Jason Liller added: "A number of other Alice Comedies are available on numerous public domain compilations. The interview with Virginia Davis on "Disney Rarities" is great. She's Disney's very first star and she's still around!
On a related note, Disney recently reacquired the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and, rumor has it, intends to reintroduce the character in a series of shorts."

And then Herr StormChaser said: "The recent book, Walt in Wonderland by Russell Merritt and J.B. Kaufman goes into detail about the Alice In Cartoonland series. It is perhaps the best work on the subject that has been pub- lished so far.
Mark (who is curious about what what the Count will find on the other side of the "aristocratic" looking glass)."

Finally Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien wrote: "Danke Schön both Herr StormChaser und HelpMeCope ( this German Count insists about those strange Amerikan names... what happens in Amerika that their citizens don't call themselves ordinary names as Wilhelm, Aloysius or even Burkhard??!!... ) for those book references.
By the way, mein lieber Herr StormChaser, that little fräulein can't beat the German aristocracy about bizarre worlds or absurd characters, those thing happens and can be seen at any time and in any side of the aristocratic looking glass...".

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