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About J. P. McGowan's "Arizona Days" (1928)

Guest Silent Star: Damen Frederica

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien wrote: "Arizona is a very strange and different place (sunnier than Germany) in where there are a lot of cows and consequently a lot of rustlers who makes strange cattle dealings. There is also an obscure cattlemen's association who will never stop trying to defend its herding interests.
In Arizona the girls shoot their lovers in order to fall in love with them. Their fiancées likes that so much that they do horse acrobatics in order to impress them. (Not to mention that in Arizona even the scarecrows ride and the real cowboys wear hats five sizes bigger than their heads.)"

Damen Frederica said: " Yes, this is a sad fact about Arizona."

Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien asked: "What fact, my dear Damen Frederika?... maybe those temperamental girls, the savage herds, the horse acrobatics, those horrible hats or the most terrible news... the whole pack??. "

Damen Frederica answered: "Yes. "

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