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About Kenji Mizoguchi's "Orizuru Osen" (1935)

Silent Guest Stars: Damen Lady Wakasa, Herr Dmkb und Herr James

Damen Lady Wakasa wrote: "Once again I embarrass myself by groveling over how jealous I am of your movie access.
I love silents, I love Mizoguchi. I can't quite do the Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Cinema yet. So how did you get to see this?... "

Und Herr Dmkb replied: "This title is/was widely available on VHS and laserdisc in Japan.
By the way, Count, since this is Mizoguchi's last silent it's probably fair to call this a work from his late, silent career. :)
Also those of you who are "connoisseurs of Japanese film" will surely recognize the actress who plays Osen (Yamada Isuzu) among her many other roles she played Lady Washizu in Kurosawa's *Throne of Blood* "

But Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien added: "That's it!... now this German count comprehend ( or not... ) why the copy that "Die Organization" found for its master had the titles in Japanese only, not to mention the female voice in off that play each character of the film in... Japanese... anyway, the image quality is acceptable and in spite that indecipherable language you understand perfectly well the whole story.
By the way, Damen Wakasa if you are very interested to continue to love silents, Mizoguchi or even this Herr Graf, it would be a good idea to write a modern letter to the Schloss about that... and answering Herr Dmkb, it is very difficult for this German aristocrat to recognize a Japanese actress if she has been not properly and formerly introduced to this Count in an elegant soirée. "

Herr Dmkb wrote in German with a slight Amerikan accent: "Aber Sie pflegten, Verbündete zu sein, mein Herr."

And Herr Graf Ferdinand Von Galitzien replied in perfect Teutonic: "Noch bin ich, aber die Aristokratie muß von einigen Verbündeten auf achtgeben, gesamt, wenn sie französisch oder Proletarier... sind"

And finally Herr Dmkb confessed: "Danken Sie Güte für Babel Fische. Andernfalls würde ich aus meinem Deutsch-Englischen Wörterbuch graben müssen. (always wanted to do that!! )"

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